About me

My name is Nebrenchina Angelina, I am engaged in illustration, arts and crafts and painting.

The heroes of my paintings are humanized animals, they wear clothes, live in houses, sometimes even apartments, and communicate with each other, just like people. In the illustration, themes of fairy tales, magic, wildlife are close to me. I pay special attention to the beauty of everyday life, the romance of everyday life and learn to see the beauty around me, wherever I am.

In 2017, I received a bachelor’s degree in arts and crafts and crafts at SUTD. I took the course “Costume Designer Assistant” at LenFilm 2016. The course “From Idea to the Published Book” in 2018, the storytelling course by Kirill Bykov and the commercial illustration course by Toma Chernobay in 2019. I constantly study, improve my skills and develop.

  • “The path to mastery” (project “Teacher – student”, St. Petersburg 2015)
  • “Diary of a city dweller” (action “Biblionoch-2015, Moscow)
  • Personal exhibition of graphic works in the “Dial” space (Loft project FLOORS 2016)
  • “Fashionable Reading” (exhibition-contest as part of the spring fashion week from the So-serious information agency, new stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg 2016)
  • Reporting exhibition of sketches of nudity “Birth of a drawing” (Project “drawing for the soul”, St. Petersburg, 2017)
  • Window dressing for Cream Dream confectionery (Moscow) in the workshop of Lisa Chernobay (2016)
  • New Year’s decoration of the bookstore “Subscription Editions” in the workshop of Lisa Chernobay. (2017)
  • Illustrations to the author’s short story collection Alina Alikova “me.she.he” (2017)
  • Work as a teacher of additional education in art studios for children 7-16 years old (2017-18)
  • Work as a curator of an illustration workshop at the Society of Young Architects (2018-19)
  • Illustration workshops for children and adults at VikArt store (2019)
  • Participation in the contests “New Children’s Book” from Rosman, “Book Inside” from Samokat Publishing House, “Book Image”, Puchi Award 2019
  • Multiple cooperation with the Wake up Day festival in St. Petersburg in 2019-2021