Author’s picture book “UNMEETING”


A short story in the form of an accordion book. This is a story without words about how two unfamiliar inhabitants of the forest shared a magical moment with each other. “Nevstrecha” (“Unmeeting”) literally means a meeting that did not take place.

One can fantasize about why the frog lives in a tree house, what is inside, with whom he met in the forest and why the Crescent was in the branches.

Understatement is a big advantage here. This is a bedtime story, which everyone has their own.

On the first turn there are slots, a mysterious pink color and snow flakes are visible behind the trees. The book is stored in a special box. Completed entirely by hand. The drawings are made with colored pencils and a target pen. Cardboard used.

I printed a mini-edition of this book (10 pcs) and it was sold out online and on the market of the festival of book illustration “MORS”.

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