Graphic novel about creativity

“Not a single English noun conveys all the shades of the word. At the deepest and most painful level, this is a feeling of great emotional suffering, often without an explainable reason. In less severe cases, it can be a aching mental pain, a desire to not understand what, painful languor, vague anxiety, tormenting the mind, obscure craving. In specific cases, it means the desire for someone or something, nostalgia, love suffering. At the lowest level – despondency, boredom. “
Vladimir Nabokov “Commentary on the novel by A. S. Pushkin” Eugene Onegin “”

This is a silent story about the beauty and quiet sadness of the vastness of our country. The fact that magic can be felt anywhere in the world. About how painfully pleasant and painful it is to carry nostalgia, love, expectation and joy to create and create in your chest.

This graphic novel focuses on the romance of everyday life. The beauty around us is worth a look back. On paper, a static picture, similar to a storyboard: “if you touch it, it will come to life”. The novel is about what surrounds us, about what we feel every day, but for some reason we do not pay attention. About warm summer evenings, about light autumn tension in the air, about the feeling of an infinitely high sky above your head. Here is the thrill of the end of summer, a nagging feeling in the chest and the smell of pretty foliage, and here is love for the world. According to my survey on Instagram, 36 out of 44 respondents see romance in the places where they live. In a historical house in the city center, in a new anthill, in a panel or in a small private house – the most ordinary people see something special here.


Together with the main character of the book, the White Fox, the reader lives four seasons and four periods of acceptance and non-acceptance of his work and career. The colors of the illustrations vary from month to month. The book begins and ends in the summer: the first chapter – beautiful sunsets in the city, the last chapter – a train journey to the sea. After the summer – the autumn chapter. The main character works in an amusement park, where the tourist season ends in the fall. The fox travels around his hometown by train (4 U-turns with views of Tsarskoye Selo will follow here). The winter chapter begins grayly, with a feeling of loneliness, then finds the colors of festive comfort. New Year’s Eve U-Turn is the brightest and warmest. The spring part of the book is not full of color. Gradually appears soft sun, greenery.

U-turns of the novel are made as comics, the entire space of the sheet is filled. The number of color accents allows you to influence the viewing experience. Light and color are the main means of expression in illustrations.

It is very important for me to convey the hero’s attitude to his own path, his inner experiences, emotions and their overcoming.

If you like the idea of an author’s graphic novel, drawn entirely by hand, and you want to help me create and publish this work, you can write to me and pre-order it.

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